Ski and snowboard equipment rental

Ski rental Harrachov

The rental office is located right above the ski area, right next to the main road.

You will find everything for a carefree day on the slopes, including a helmet and accessories.

As soon as you step into the door of the rental shop, our staff knows exactly which skis or snowboards will be the most suitable for you. You just put on your shoes and you can head out on the slopes without any worries.

You can borrow from us:

Downhill skis, children's downhill skis (from 70 cm), snowboards, cross-country skis, alpine skis, snowblades

Accessories: Sled, Helmets, Goggles

TIP | Ski alpine set:

Discover a ski alpine adventure!

With our high-quality alpine skis and comfortable boots, you can go on an alpine trip to the peaks of the Giant Mountains without any worries. This gives you the opportunity to explore places you wouldn't otherwise get to and experience unforgettable views.

Ski equipment rental JPK Harrachov

Location of our rental office | Penzion Rotunda Harrachov